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  • Lithium-Tantalum projects covering 434km2 and dominating an underexplored area of the West Pilbara
  • Yule South includes ground previously selected for tantalum potential by highly successful geologist, the late Graeme Hutton (co-founder of Sandfire Resources, Metana Minerals and a pioneer of the Hamersley Iron Province)
  • Potential targets identified from airborne geophysics at Yule South.
  • No follow-up work completed
  • Review of historical drill assay data at Yule North has identified anomalous lithium assays with associated anomalous values of caesium, in a drill hole targeting iron ore
  • Emerging gold and lithium province

The Yule Project is located between 35km and 65km southwest of Port Hedland in the Northern Pilbara region of Western Australia.  There are three granted exploration licences for a total of 434 km2 comprising the Yule North tenement E47/3508 and the Yule South tenements E47/3503 and E47/3507.

The Yule Project has the potential for tin, tantalum and lithium mineralisation to be located within the Yule South tenements covering the Portree Granitoid Complex as these metals occur in similar granitoid rocks to the east and southeast of the project areas.  Gold is also likely to occur in structural sites adjacent to the complex. Palaeochannels associated with the Yule River also have the potential to host deposits of heavy minerals and gold.

A widespread layer of alluvial material covers most of the area of E47/3508 with a general thickness of 2-5m, but locally up to 63m based on previous drilling.  This cover has made geochemical exploration methods ineffective and consequently the previous exploration has consisted mainly of geophysical surveys that until recently were limited in depth penetration.

Brumby Resources completed a VTEM and aeromagnetic survey in 2006 over prospective areas but did not test any of the interpreted anomalies for base metal mineralisation or follow-up most of the interpreted targets resulting from the aeromagnetic survey.

The northern part of the project area (E47/5508) has been the subject of previous exploration for Cu-Ni, Cu-Pb-Zn and Au mineralisation since the early 1970s. This area contains a belt of volcanic rocks belonging to the Mons Cupri Volcanics and the Louden Volcanics.  These are of particular interest, as they are known to host the Whim Creek, Mons Cupri and Salt Creek deposits located to the southwest.

Previous exploration for heavy minerals by Texasgulf and Aztec tested only a small part of the project area leaving numerous untested paleochannels, especially beneath the recent alluvial deposits of the Yule River.




Proven gold region with over 7M oz of gold produced over the past 126 years



434km2 of an emerging lithium and gold province in the under-explored West Pilbara Craton


Four Mile Well

Located in a highly mineralised region containing major gold and nickel deposits