• Three prospective projects in Western Australia
  • Yule project located in an emerging gold, base metals and rare earth element province
  • Murchison project located in a premier historic gold mining district, includes Cuddingwarra, Big Bell South and Cue
  • The Four Mile Well project region is well endowed with a number of major gold and nickel deposits within close proximity

Golden State Mining Limited has brought together three highly prospective West Australian exploration projects with a key focus on gold and base metals.

The Yule Project is located between 35km and 65km southwest of Port Hedland in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Through its 100% owned subsidiary Crown Mining Pty Ltd, the company holds three granted exploration licences and one in application for a total of 656 km2.

The Yule Project is proximal to or hosts major regional structures including the Sholl Shear Zone, Yule River Shear and Mallina Shear. The Sholl Shear Zone and Boodarie volcanic belt hosts significant VMS-associated Cu-Pb-Zn-Ag mineralisation. The Balla Yule prospect is an interpreted layered mafic /ultramafic intrusive with Ni-Cu-Co potential. The Portree Granitoid Complex is prospective for Sn-Ta mineralisation whilst the sheared margins may host gold within remnant greenstone units.

The Four Mile Well Project is located 9km to the north of the Laverton townsite in the Eastern Goldfields and consists of a single 38 block exploration licence measuring 107.6km2. The region contains a significant mineral endowment with a number of major gold and nickel deposits within close proximity to the Four Mile Well Project area.

The company’s Murchison tenements are located approximately 645km by road northeast of Perth adjacent to the historical town of Cue and includes the Cuddingwarra, Big Bell South and Cue projects. These projects centred around Cue cover approximately 425km2 of tenements.

Cue has a rich history of gold mining dating back to 1892 when gold was discovered there by Mr. Michael John Fitzgerald on New Year’s Day, while travelling with two Aborigines over what is now called Kintore Blow. During the same year, gold was discovered 6km to the southwest of Cue at the Day Dawn gold mining centre by Edward Heffernan. The town is named after Tom Cue who first registered their claim at Nannine, over 80km away, where the nearest mining warden was located.